Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures TV Offer - 2 Free books, just pay shipping

September 14th, 2007

Natural Cures TV Offer - 2 Free books, just pay shipping

Get both of Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures books: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and More Natural Cures Revealed, for FREE (just pay S&H)!

Natural Cures™
The revolutionary book that talks about the reasons you are sick and how the American Medical Association, Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the pharmaceutical cartels are suppressing information about natural remedies and natural cures for virtually every disease.

More Natural Cures Revealed™
Risking potential criminal prosecution, Trudeau now releases the material previously censored by the U.S. Government: the specific product brand names that Trudeau believes can be used to prevent, treat, and cure disease in his new book More Natural Cures Revealed.

Order Your free copies of Kevin Trudeau’s Books here

Free More Natural Cures Book by Kevin Trudeau

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Extra TV to Air Story on Britney Spears Using Power Pops “Magic on a Stick” for Weight Loss

September 5th, 2007

Millions will be watching the hit television show, “EXTRA” and learning about the Power Pops “magic on a stick” that is working for America’s girl, Britney Spears, and thousands of other consumers worldwide. TONIGHT, 22 million viewers will have the opportunity to listen to company owner and Power-Pop inventor, Michael Wenniger, share his “brainchild” with an audience that is ready to hear his message. Our simple and sweet solution is about to take the world by storm as it positively and dramatically changes the lives and lifestyles of people who use this tried- and -true product.

Tell all of your family and friends about this soon-to-be-released story on “EXTRA” that will tell the world how Britney Spears is on the come-back using our Power-Pops as the catalyst to help her rise to her personal and professional best!

Right now, go to the site and click on the button at the top of the homepage titled, “When It’s On” to find out what time this blockbuster show will air in your local area. If you have the equipment, I also recommend that you record this show for future reference; it will be a powerful marketing tool to move your prospects off the mark and into our timely, second-to-none business venture.

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Do you Get Enough Vitamin D - Helps the Body Absorb Calcium

September 4th, 2007

This was reported in the HealthDay News today. “Vitamin D is essential in helping the body absorb calcium. It also helps keep a healthy balance of phosphorous and calcium in the blood.

Here are foods that are good sources of vitamin D, courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine:
Dairy products, including cheese, butter, cream and fortified milk.
Fortified cereals.
Margarine. “

Do you get enough Vitamin D enriched foods in your diet? you may have a need for supplicating. My choice in Vitamin D supplements is Preferred Vitamin D 5000ius. There is an 8 month supply in one bottle. Also aids in absorption of coral calcium into the blood stream.

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Robert Barefoot is Back on TV with Donald Barrett Introducing Solarcal-D

September 4th, 2007

Breaking News! Just a few hours ago at the ITV Ventures™ Event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Founder and CEO, Donald Barrett unveiled our newest and hottest product…SOLARCAL-D™! All event attendees received a complimentary bottle from Barrett and saw clips from the new SOLARCAL-D™ infomercial (currently being edited at ITV Ventures™ Studio 55). The infomercial features Host, Donald Barrett, and Guest, Robert Barefoot – the man who first exposed the world to the amazing benefits of Coral Calcium years ago.

Solarcal-D coral calcium supplement
Yes it is true, the man that introduced coral calcium supreme to the world and authored the best selling book The Calcium Factor is back on the airwaves again.

Delivering the building blocks for stronger bones and better health. Calcium and Vitamin D are essential to good health, and yet so many of our diets are deficient of these two essential elements. Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the human body and it plays many critical roles in bone and heart health.1 SOLARCAL-D™ is an necessary health product for every ITV Ventures™ customer.

Precisely Balanced for Optimal Results

SOLARCAL-D™ is formulated with a precise combination of 1500 mg of one of the highest-grade marine coral calcium from the pristine island of Okinawa, Japan and 2000 IU of Vitamin D which is necessary for the proper absorption of Calcium.1 The synergy between the two ingredients enhances the body’s ability to build and maintain strong bones as well as promote health and vitality.


Can reduce the risk of osteoporosis
May reduce risk of colorectal cancer
May reduce risk of hypertension4
Integral to proper muscle, nerve and heart function1
Helps maintain healthy immune systems1
The right ingredients in the right amount packs a 1-2-3 punch!

SOLARCAL-D™ is one of the best calcium supplements on the market!

Calcium – Integral for proper muscle, nerve and heart function as well as for energy production and immune function. Our bodies contain more calcium than any other vitamin or mineral.
Vitamin D – Necessary for proper calcium absorption, Vitamin D is the vitamin produced by our skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. However, in many North American states, such as Michigan, Washington, and the New England states, people do not get enough exposure to sunlight in the winter months to provide what we need.
Magnesium – Essential to more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body.
Enjoy the tri-fold benefits of SOLARCAL-D™ today! It is available now in the ITV Ventures

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Gano Excel Introduces New Retail Sales Website

September 2nd, 2007

Gano Excel now has a new look for their retail website available to affiliates in Gano Excel. The new design showcases the fine healthy coffee product much better than before and makes it easier for your customers to place order. This will be a good tool to build your Gano Excel business. Checkout the new Gano Excel Website here.

Gano Excel is the leading in providing a healthy choice to high acid coffees since 1995 and has reintroduced to the United States the worlds first healthy coffee choice back in December 2004. Their flagship product is Ganocafe Classic which is arabica coffee beans along with the number herb in Chinese medicine called ganoderma added to it. It provides a superior health coffee choice with 165 antioxidants and 212 nutrients to aid in good health. It is mild in flavor and taste great.

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Introducing Advanced Formula Almighty Cleanse

September 2nd, 2007


New and Improved Almighty Cleanse® now includes WILDCRAFTED ingredients!

We’ve enhanced the familiar cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the 7-day Almighty Cleanse®. Now, the formulation includes wildcrafted ingredients – better for you and the environment.

What are wildcrafted ingredients?
“Wildcrafted” plants are carefully harvested from their unspoiled natural habitats. They are free from additives. Special care is taken to gather them with proper respect to the environment and leave behind a sustainable crop making this new formulation better for you and better for the environment. ITV Ventures™ believes in product integrity and our goal is to deliver the best products to the marketplace.

Along with these new ingredients comes a price increase. The new retail price taking effect on September 6th, will be $10.00 higher per season making in $69.95 a season. ITV Ventures members will be able to purchase it at the membership price of $45.00 per season of Almighty Cleanse.

New Study Shows Daily Calcium Does Protect Bones

August 24th, 2007

As reported by HealthDay News, a study finds that calcium reduces fracture rate for those over 50. I recommend taking Coral Calcium or Baratric Advantage Calcium Citrate as a calcium supplement.

In people older than 50, calcium supplementation cut the overall risk of bone fractures by about 12 percent, Australian researchers report.

Dr. Benjamin Tang, of the University of Western Sydney, and colleagues analyzed 17 previous studies of more than 52,600 people over age 50. All of the participants took calcium supplements for an average of three to five years.

The meta-analysis, published in the Aug. 25 issue of The Lancet, showed that patients who adhered to the correct dosing regimen had a 24 percent lower fracture risk.

Daily calcium doses of more than 1,200 milligrams reduced fracture risk by 20 percent, compared to six percent for doses of less than 1,200 milligrams, according to the research.

Calcium supplementation, in combination with vitamin D doses of 800 international units (IU) per day, reduced fracture risk by 16 percent compared with 13 percent for vitamin D doses of less than 800 IU.

In a separate review of 23 studies that had examined bone density, the researchers found that calcium supplementation alone, or in combination with vitamin D supplementation, reduced the rate of hip bone loss by 0.54 percent and spinal bone loss by 1.19 percent.

“Unlike previous meta-analysis, Tang provides clear answers to several questions which could be of immediate practical importance for the daily management of osteoporosis,” Dr. Jean-Yves Reginster, of the Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Unit of the CHU Centre Ville, in Liege, Belgium, wrote in an accompanying editorial.

The findings pave “the way for future research aiming at the best clinical, pharmacological, and economic optimization of the use of calcium and vitamin D in patients at increased risk of osteoporotic fractures,” Reginster wrote.

So start taking your calcium supplements daily and eat foods that are naturally rich in calcium content.

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Bariatric Vitamins, Calcium Citrate, B-12 Sublingual and Iron Designed for Bariatric Patients

August 22nd, 2007

Bariatric Advantage Vitamins

A new brand of vitamins is now available designed especially for Gastric Bypass and Bariatric bypass patients. Bartiatric patients have special needs for proper vitamins because they no longer get the maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals into their bodies after they have the weight loss surgery done. So a team of doctors got together and address the needs of these patients and designed vitamins, minerals, B-12 and iron supplements to give their bodies the biggest impact of these nutrients.

Bariatric Advantage is the name brand of these vitamins and they have been added to our Speedy Health website for purchase. If you know anyone that has had the surgery done, do them a favor and tell them about our special website. Many doctors across the country are recommending Bariatric Advantage to their patients for their nutritional needs.

Get your supply of Bariatric Advantage Vitamins here.

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The Benefits of Eating Live Whole Foods

August 22nd, 2007

Eating lots of whole foods can have a positive impact on our health, but what exactly are whole foods. Organic whole foods are foods that are unrefined/unprocessed completely or processed and refined as little as possible. Examples of organic whole foods are unpolished organic grains, organically grown produce, and non-homogenized milk. Most often you can find organic whole foods at Farmer’s Markets because the shelf life of organic produce and many other whole organic foods have a short shelf life.
Live organic whole foods tend to be high in anti-oxidants, which are shown to reduce the risk for certain types of cancers, heart disease, asthma and even arthritis. Organic whole grains are higher in fiber than refined grains and are essential to a healthy digestive tract.
Many foods are stripped of their vitamins and minerals after being processed or refined. Part of the reasoning is to lengthen shelf life. For example, the skin is taken away from canned tuna, and this is where many of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids are located. Refined and processed foods also have many chemical additives and fillers to promote longer shelf life, or to simply make the color more attractive. Organic whole foods do not contain the chemicals or additives.
When shopping for organic produce or organic whole foods it is important to make sure you check the labeling as all whole foods are not organic nor are all organic foods considered whole foods.
Knowing the benefits that whole foods can have on your health, what is the best supplement to be taking? I personally like Uri International “The Feast”. Most of us just don’t have the time that is needed in shopping for the 83 varieties of fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, nuts and berries that are in one easy scoop of The Feast. Besides, the time to juice all of those whole foods, it can be very expensive to purchase. Uri’s The Feast saves time and money and uses the best nutrition dense produce and fruits in its blend.

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Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

August 21st, 2007

Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

The HealthDay News reported this about whole foods which I food interesting.

Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

Compounds called anthocyanins, which give color to most red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables, may help protect against colon cancer, an Ohio State University study says.

In laboratory tests on rats and on human colon cancer cells, the researchers found that anthocyanins can significantly slow the growth of colon cancer cells. The team also found that, in some cases, slightly altering the structure of anthocyanin molecules boosted their anti-cancer properties.

The findings, presented Sunday at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in Boston, may help advance knowledge about what gives fruits and vegetables their cancer-fighting properties which, in turn, could eventually lead to the development of new cancer treatments.

“These foods contain many compounds, and we’re just starting to figure out what they are and which ones provide the best health benefits,” lead author Monica Giusti, an assistant professor of food science at the university, said in a prepared statement.

She did not recommend certain kinds fruits or vegetables over others, and noted that much more research needs to be conducted on anthocyanins. Currently, she and her colleagues are examining how anthocyanins interact with other compounds in foods to determine if these interactions affect the health benefits of the foods or of anthocyanin itself.

More information

The American Cancer Society has more about healthy eating, exercise and cancer prevention.

To get the best in live whole foods that are vine ripen for max anthocyanins, The product I recommend is Uri International “The Feast” powder drink mix. There process involves juicing fresh vegetables and fruits, drying them into a powder that you add water to when you are ready to use. You know that by cooking fruits and vegetables, we cook the nutritional value right out of them, what is amazing about Uri’s process is that the heat in the drying process never exceeds 100 degrees F and is done within 60 seconds. locking in all the nutritional value. This is the absolute way to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without spending hundreds of dollars.

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